Spring Wedding Stations: Tex-Mex Tacos, Southern BBQ & Farmhouse ATX

H..... & C.....’s Wedding Menu  |   04.28.2018  

Guest Count: 151    



Cocktail Hour Appetizers   6pm


  • Tex-Mex Salsa Bar: Bowls of fresh Guacamole, smoky red salsa & roasted tomatillo salsa.
  • Fresh Baskets of Yellow, Blue & White Corn Tortilla Chips

Dinner stations    7 to 9pm


  •  Brisket Taco Station: flour & corn tortillas, in-house red salsa, guacamole, chip baskets, classic yellow queso, fresh pico, shredded cabbage, fresh cilantro & onions.      (brisket from b&g)


  • Southern BBQ Station:  Chef Darci’s BBQ Chicken, (brisket from b&g), Buttermilk Mac & Cheese, Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & balsamic vinaigrette, baskets of corn bread & honey butter.


  • ATX Farmhouse Station:

●       Strawberry Fields Salad: spinach, blue cheese, balsamic & candied pecans.

●       Buffalo Cauliflower: “Alamo style” battered, deep-fried & served with Ranch.

●       Chili Relleño Quesadilla Bites: Monterey Jack cheese and roasted peppers are stuffed between flour tortillas and toasted to a golden brown. Topped with a Lime Crema.



vegetarian options:  Roasted Veggie tacos / some bacon free b. sprouts /  BBQ  portobello mushrooms


Notes:    no kids menu    |     2 celiacs,  1 GF allergies!      |      4 vegetarians

 2 signature cocktails: New Fashioneds! (blood orange bitters & pomegranate grenadine)   &    Margaritas with Chili Salt Rim. Have Jalapeño Syrup available for Spicy Margarita option!     

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