October Food Stations Menu



This wedding had such a fun menu! The groom's side was Jewish so we made a delicious Falafel Station, the Bride adored Asian food so we made her favorite things, and they both loved Soul Food so we created a scrumptious Southern menu. Food stations are great because it's a wonderful way to feature multiple types of cuisine sure to please both sides of the family!


               J..... & M......'s Wedding Menu

  150 guests  |  Sunday, 10.29.2017  |  4pm-9pm


Mediterranean Station

o   Grecian Garden Bar: Your guests can build their own delicious pita bread wraps. Includes crisp falafel, lettuce, cabbage,  fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, green olives & creamy tzatziki sauce.

o   Israeli Salad: avocado,  tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions accented with a mint vinaigrette.

o   Fresh Pita Bread & Crackers:  includes Vegan & G.F. options


Southern Soul Food   (served out of h-12 food truck)

o   Fried Chicken Slider: Served with pickles,  cheddar cheese, honey dijon & fresh lettuce.

o   BBQ Veggie Burger Slider: in-house veggie burger with brown sugar bourbon mustard.

o   White Cheddar Mac & Cheese: Creamy Sauce & cheesy pasta, baked to perfection, parsley.

o   Baskets of Cornbread: served with fresh sea salt butter & Honey Butter.

Asian-Inspiration Menu

o   Tofu Bun-Cha: crispy tofu with Vietnamese veggie salad.  ((fish sauce on the side))

o   Asian Skewers: Chicken & Broccoli.  marinated in orange juice & spices, grilled over a wood fire & topped with Peanut Satay sauce.

o   Eastern Accents:  Crisp egg rolls, spicy mustard, sambal (chili garlic), hoisin sauce, soy sauce and Sweet & Sour. Includes Vegetarian & GF Options.


Chef Notes:  no kids menu  | signature drink: blueberry Lavender Lemonades!

Blueberry Lavender Lemonade Cocktails

Blueberry Lavender Lemonade Cocktails

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