100% Vegan Wedding

With dessert catered by Voodoo Doughnuts and Chef Darci's amazing culinary skills. Even the non-vegan guests were super happy with the wedding feast! Congrats you two lovebirds!


M….. & A…..’s Wedding Menu

05.06.2017   | 62 guests

100% vegan menu    |   0 kids total


Appetizer Buffet

o   Sweet Potato Fritters: crispy fried sweet potatoes with green onions and garlic. Topped with a citrus herb sauce.

o   Trio of Dips:  fresh guacamole,  roasted Texas salsa, Smoky chipotle hummus tortilla chips, sliced French/Italian bread & veggies for dipping.

o   Tempura Cauliflower: crispy & delicious; fried in a light batter & covered in Chef Darci’s BBQ sauce.


entrée Selections  ( buffet )


o   H12  Spring Salad: crisp lettuce, cucumber, yellow tomatoes with crunchy thyme croutons and a lemon herb vinaigrette.   

o   Shepard’s Pie:  a tasty spin on the Irish favorite. Creamy potatoes atop a rich veggie based stew, baked to a lovely golden brown.

o   Asian Stir Fry:  crispy fried tofu, broccoli, orange bell peppers, ginger, snap peas, garlic in a Orange Hoisin sauce; served over jasmine rice

 o   Summer Garden Pasta:  fresh tomatoes, summer squashes, roasted garlic and fresh herbs are simmered for hours to create a rich tomato sauce atop Italian Pasta.



Notes:    food allergies:  none    |      Signature Drink: bride (Hers) Strawberry Lemonade (just add vodka!)   groom (His)  Jack & Coke     |      other notes::: family flying in from New York. Most guests arriving/departing by shuttle to & from hotel.   |    Photography by : ML photos.   |     DJ :  is groom’s friend, is bringing all equipment.  |  cake : voodoo doughnuts (delivered)



Sweet Potato Fritters with Herb Puree

Sweet Potato Fritters with Herb Puree

Hamilton Twelve