Food Stations Menu Fall 2015


1:)  queso Bar & Tacos

3 kinds of bride’s favorite queso. Plus h12 queso ( self serve )

Chips, salsa, guacamole, sour cream (self serve )

3 kinds of tacos: beef, chix, and veg. (on plate)


2:)   Asian Food  (serve out of food truck)

Stir- Fry with julienned Veggies  Served on a bed of jasmine rice

Also make 2 meat skewers : orange chix and smoked pork with cherry ginger glaze.


3:)   Medetteranian Station

2 kinds pasta salad: lemon chix herb with white pasta & tri color pasta with roasted veg.

Garnish with sprouts and extra ving!

Served with hummus and 2x pita triangles on the same plate.




Hamilton Twelve